As I penetrate the depths of both stillness and silence I am aware of an accompanying whisper.

Will I find my way back?

With the functioning me show up again in time to be all worldly and efficient.


If I go, if I let go of this thread of voice of warning, if I let go and fall freely unencumbered will I ever want to come back.


Do I have too?

And if I don’t

what will become of you?

opening prayer

with this prayer I light the flame in the dark abode of my soul
in the hope that it's luminosity will guide me home

deep peace

deep peace comes from first making a mess

it is not a place

it is not a place

but a feeling

however, I'm afraid that if I move

If I change something

it will slip away.

presume not

never presume a need to change the method



your approach to it.

hovering emotion

hovering emotion

pushes gently to the surface

and seeps out

I have no measure of it

yet it's presence opens a door

to an internal reality

i know to be precious.


blessed are we

whom have had a teacher

sight for the blind

light in the darkness

hope in dispair

opening prayer

I bow


with humble reverence


to the source that inspires the teachings




through the continuation of practice may we each be guided


from the darkness of ignorance towards the light of self-knowledge and clarity.




for those that have walked the path before us and guide the way


and those keeping us company in practice each day


let us be truly grateful 




amazing people

the most amazing people I have ever met are flawed.

why shouldn't I be too


perhaps i'ts part of an unique beauty

I am yet to embrace.


It's the teachers who gift the practice of yoga to the next generation

god bless them and keep them true.

your name

I close my eyes

open my heart

and breath you in


I close my eyes

open my heart

and whisper your name

and whisper your name and whisper your name and whisper your name and whisper your name whisper your name  whisper your name whisper your name  whisper your name whisper your name and whisper your name and whisper your name and whisper your name and whisper your name whisper your name whisper your name  whisper your name whisper your name whisper your name whisper your your name  your name  your name  your name  your name your name  your name  your name your name your name  your name  your name  your name  your name  your name  your name  your name  your name  your name  your name  your name  your name  your name  your name 


steeped in gratitude

I rejoice

spirit awakened

a life time changed

for I have dipped my soul in the ocean of yoga


seeking authenticity

Seeking Authenticity.


ashtanga yoga is ever challenging

to the body to the mind to the spirit of each and every practitioner.

what begins as physicality:

a struggle of bodily limitations

evolves with an ignighted breath and heartfelt intension

then energy shifts

and changes the way we experience ourselves and others

it affects our moods, behaviour and our relationships

as awareness turns in light radiates out.

in a dawning of self realization.




what do you say

What do you say when there are words of negativity
Spoken about the path?

"I say that the speaker has not arrived.

Arrived at a place through the practice
That quenches the thirst of enquiry.

A space beyond thought
Where time has no measure
Open expansive
more restful than sleep.

Where from it arises
A bright clarity
Fresh like jasmine and green apples

an easy contentment
bathed in light

for if they had no negitive words would be spoken.

let me sit by your feet


let me sit by your feet.


let me sit quietly by your feet and close my eyes.


Solid in the heart centre like a cold dark stone I am.


nothing comes in

nothing goes out


I’m tired from holding it up

terrified to put it down


let me sit by your feet and breath in the warmth of you.


your stillness sooths me like a mothers lullaby .


my tortured tangled mind unravelling


I have travelled so far and still I stand blocking my own way



for to be truly present in your presence,

would surely unleash such intensity of emotion.


collapsing the structure that holds me.

holds me together


nothing I would be




let me sit by your feet and absorb the rhythm of your breath

 cradled in silence


I am as I am

not more not less.



let me sit quietly at you feet,




after your feet have gone.



sometimes we feel heavy

we carry a weight

a burden

a secret

a shame

sometimes we forget

to put in down

to let it go

to share the load

to laugh

to cry

his light went out

His light went out and the world grew dim,

the time had come,
and though I had told myself I am not sad, 
each of my cells is heavy with aching.

I have closed the window on the world and turned inward to feel you..

I dare not cry 
still a silent stream of tears lines my face,

I am ok, for I am with you always
The best of me is the result of you



scottland 2013

The last moments in the Bothy.

In here I become porous
a rich stirring of emotion
not quite sadness
not quite grief
not quite melancholic

For there is no negativity

Just a weight

a stirring

a deep deep stirring

a delicate unraveling

more inspiring than unsettling

a rising of pressure

that seeps unannounced from my eyes

or rests just below in waiting

It’s a powerful kind of connectedness

To self

Awake within

I am just on the edge of it

Longing to submerge

If I did not need to move

I would not

The globe spins and we journey down it today back to home

I pray this door stays ajar in transition

And I will not lose the sense of you dancing within.


Dena was 21 when she made her first trip to India, a student of fine art, honing her craft in the field of sculpture at the Southern Cross University.


Once the journey of yoga began, the desire to return to Guruji and immerse in the practice  was all consuming. Darkness slowly  surrendered to light. Dena completed the fourth series of ashtanga in 1996 and was graced with certification to teach. She has now been practicing for more than 25 years.


Encouraged by Guruji's love of family, Dena and Jack were married in a ceremony conducted by Amma and Guruji in 1997. The arrival of their children, Zoli, now 12 and Izac, now 9, sealed the blessing.


Dena has been studying and practicing traditional ashtanga yoga for 30 years. She is one of Sri K.Pattabhi Jois's most advanced female students. Having completed the fourth series in 1996 she is certified by the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute of Mysore South India to teach this method.


Jack and Dena were married by Guruji in 1997. The arrival of Zoli currently 12 and Izac now 9 has completed the family picture. The path of motherhood has added a gentle compassion to Dena’s disciplined yet lyrical style of teaching.


Dena and Jack teach from their simple shala in Byron Bay, the rainforest rimmed beach town on the East coast of Australia. Together they share workshops across the globe and return to Mysore each year.


Dena is a devoted practitioner of Ashtanga yoga and a senior student of the late Sri K Patabhi Jois.
With 30 years of unwavering practice she holds the highest recognized qualification in this method.  

Dena and her husband Jack live in the hills of Goonengerry with their 2 children Zoli and Izac.
They teach both internationally and from their simple shala in Byron Bay.

Life is full and sweet.