Ashtanga Yoga

ashtanga yoga

Ashtanga yoga offers a therapeutic methodology designed to promote healing on many levels.
It is a curriculum that involves freeing and strengthening the body, breath, and mind, through repetition and gradual augmentation of specific practices.
Each person moves through a prescribed series of breath synchronized movements in the form of classical asana at an individual pace.

The practitioner and their practice evolve symbiotically.

The practices progress from the cultivation of physical mobility and stability in asana to the enhancement of the breath capacity through pranayama. Continued concentration evolves into meditative states establishing a settled, more open, connected sense of self.
What begins with great effort over time finds ease, like a song well practiced will reveal and express the union of musician and instrument.
Even simple practice can produce moments of internal harmony.
Yoga does not promise a life without hardship, sorrow, or pain.
But it gives us tools to keep the mind steady through success and failure.


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