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Compassionate Practitioner training 2022

Due to Covid19 disruptions this training is postponed indefinitely.


For current offerings see the yoga Sutra Course page on this website.

It is the first module of what will be a new format for CP




Thank you for those who have already replied.

A personal email will head your way in the coming months.

The committed practitioner course

Is a expression of Parampara.where teacher and student share a commitment together

to pursue the path of truth. When they trust, through knowledge of each other, that this choice will be appropriate, natural.


an opportunity to give priority to one's own practice in an energizing and inspiring environment with a senior and certified teacher of Sri K P jois.
a small and select group of ashtanga yoga practitioners who request to deepen their practice under the guidance of Dena Kingsberg.
Intense periods of study with Dena take place for three months in three consecutive years.

On going studies continue between these dates. offering first year only at this time.

 second and third year by application on completion of the first.
a two-way commitment for the pursuit of truth in each other
Is not
a teacher training

Those seeking to become Ashtanga Yoga teachers will need to continue their studies at the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute, Mysore South India and gain Authorization from  Sharath Rangaswamy. 

there is no qualification, expectation or promise that one will receive or attain any level of knowledge or understanding, only an invitation to the possibility

that some level of this may occur.
We use the broad spectrum of Patanjali’s brush to quieten the mind.
Other methods involved as content of this course will hold their value not only in their direct and obvious form, but more essentially,  in the way you will have to extend yourself in order to embrace and integrate them.
possibly resulting
in growth

in healing

In an ability to conduct one's self with equilibrium.
and with the basic  tools required to assist in a  Mysore style class 
just in case
The light of yoga shines through you and you do choose to share it.
by selection on application.
only open to those who have met / studied with Dena.
market value.


now what
attend an intensive / workshop or retreat and make contact.

then write a hand written letter explaining why this is of interest.

include a recent photo ( of your face )


post it to

Dena Kingsberg

PO BOX 1443 Byron Bay.

2481 New South Wales





Compassionate Practitioners 2014-2016


Parampara.  by Ange Palmer


A lovely Sanskrit word for a lovely concept. The mutual commitment and respect in a teacher student relationship as a tradition, a body of knowledge, is handed down through a lineage.


Compassionate Practitioners. We live around the world in 8 countries and we live in each other's hearts. Together we take the path, to go deep, to sit in silence, to sweat, struggle, surrender, rejoice and pray together. To really look at who we are and share these revelations with each other.


It is challenging to explain what this three year process involves. Of course there are early, dark starts, long, focused asana sessions, hours of chanting, marathons of breath, deciphering of texts and teachings, effort, exhaustion, exhilaration...but also more, so much more…


For me, from the first asana practice with the headstand held for 108 breaths, to the final circle on the closing day weeping, nothing was predictable, nothing was known. Signing up for this course there is no step by step curriculum outline, no textbook and no guaranteed outcome. Its risky business and you must be prepared to take the leap.


At this level of investment, 3 months each year for 3 years of intimate immersion, the teacher and student travel together – a journey that is physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Once you've begun, its hard to turn back and you must believe that whatever you need will be provided, probably from within.


Nothing else I have ever done in my life quite compares to this. This was different. This was being gathered up into the gentle, loving arms of a lineage, embraced by another who said 'let me show you the way. Follow…'


To refer to Dena as a yoga teacher seems almost trite, laughable. Unless of course one truly understands the definition of this somewhat desecrated word. She has an extra-ordinary gift. A confidence and wisdom to facilitate transformation on a level most of us would not dream of. Shes asks for a lot. She expects you to show up. She sets a pace and provides a sacred space in which you may unravel and perhaps then come together again. She's got your back..


Over the months and years our eyes brighten, our body's change ever moving through strength and flexibility. We come again and again to the mat, we sing with increasing confidence and harmony, we laugh with more love and mirth in our hearts, we soften and know how fortunate we are to experience this place and process.


A wordless realm beyond the mind, a place of deeper expansion. We come to know and love silence and stillness. This is the medicine. This is where deep healing happens. Extra-ordinary experience this. Magic. What I always dreamed of...




Ange Palmer








faces I love



Each morning, in the velvet hour before dawn, silent figures walk toward a glowing candle-lit room in the quiet of Byron Bay. Shedding the mantle of outdoors, yoga mats are spread, limbs are folded, breathing cultivated and a peace descends. Here in this space, this beautiful shala, are the advanced practitioners of Ashtanga Yoga, brought together with the common purpose of deepening their understanding of the practice under the inspired tutelage of Dena Kingsberg.

For three years, these students have put aside regular routines and devoted months at a time to the Byron Bay classroom. And as the shala gently surrenders to the morning light, so the practitioners stand at the end of their mats and the sequences of asana, or postures, begin. This room bears witness to moments of incredible beauty, of extreme physical and inner challenge, to awakenings and discoveries and, sometimes, peals of infectious laughter. I have the privilege of practising among these people every day.

Ashtanga Yoga is the system taught by Sri K Pattabhi Jois and his family in Mysore India. Through marrying the breath to the progressive series of postures, an intense inner heat floods the body and ultimately the practice becomes a pure and illuminating moving meditation. This I know: to stand on the mat in the liquid light, immersed in the deep and flowing breath of those around me, alive to the measured adjustments and murmured instructions of my teacher, is seductive.

Dena and Jack have teaching histories that span two decades and Ashtanga students from all corners of the globe follow them back to Byron Bay. Amongst the eleven advanced practitioners, France, Sweden, Japan, Germany and Brazil are represented. Significantly, several of the group are Byron Bay locals, people who move among us, with careers that seem far removed from their yoga lives. I think of Joan, whose smile lifts the hearts of any who encounter her at the IGA; of Graham, the accountant whose bendy limbs would astound all who face him over a tax return; of Emma, the warm hearted dancer from WA who’s making her life in the Bay; of Sam, who left his actor life in Melbourne to pursue the path of yoga; of Susie, the market retailer who flies fearlessly over her mat then resumes her role of mother of two. In the corner is Tom, who completed his training with a previous group and maintains his practice in the shala.  These people carry the flame of yoga within them, a flame that they would now like to share with you.


Jeni Caffin