Embracing Joy

A chanting workshop with pranayama and conversational philosophy

 Exploring sound as a vehicle to silence and voice as a path to joy.


 Starting whenever you are ready.


re- launching whenever you purchase.



Two  prerecorded videos and  a work sheet ( PDF ) weekly for 8 weeks.

One instructional introducing new information and mantra ( less than an hour )

The other will be our practice  for that week or until you areready to add more.

( the practice videos will build in length as we include new content)

 Although organized into an eight-week format,  you will have access to the course content  for six months.

Approximately 10 - 12   hours


 An exploration of sounds as a path to meditation.

Building a basic pranayama practice to support your voice and temperament.

Cultivating sound vibration to tune the personal instrument.

Yoga philosophy derived from sacred sound.




Introducing:  japa, mantra, prayer, invocation, vedic chant, sutra, bhajan and song.

A little of everything to give you a sampling for future studies that ultimately lead you  to a sweet space within.

If you hesitate to press the button due to financial concerns just send me a message.

proceeds are split between the bills, Bupuji's Childrens home Mysore and Purple Valley staff fund Goa India.


embracing joy


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